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Authorship as JD Buckley (maiden name) & JD Charlesworth (married name)


  • Pre-treatment with acetylaminofluorine enhances the repair of O6-methyl guanine in DNA: Nature No 281, vol. 5730, p403, 1979: JD Buckley, PJ O’Connor and AW Craig.
  • Enhanced repair of 06-methyl guanine following chronic exposure to acetylaminofluorine: Brit J. Cancer, vol. 40, p817, 1980: JD Buckley, PJ O’Connor and AW Craig.
  • Enhanced excision of 06-alkyl guanine in rat liver by pre-treatment with acetylaminofluorine: Letter to Matters Arising, Nature, March 1980: JD Buckley, PJ O’Connor and AW Craig.
  • Effect of pre-treatment by feeding acetylaminofluorine on methylated purines formed in rat liver DNA after administration of dimethyl nitrosamine: Carcinogenesis, vol. 2, No 4, P329-342, 1981: JD Charlesworth, Y-H Chu, PJ O’Connor and AW Craig.
  • The enhanced repair of 06-alkyl guanine in mammalian systems In: “Chromosome Damage and Repair”, ed. Seeberg G and Kloppe KPlenum Publ. Corp, P233-245, 1981 PJ O’Connor, GP Margison, R Montesano, JD Buckley, Y-H Chu, D Cooper, RA Smith, NJ Curtin, K Snell, J Ashby, C Bradbrook and JA Styles.
  • Comparisons between carcinogenic potency and mutagenic potency to salmonella in a series of derivatives of 4-dimethylaminoazobenzene: Mutation Research, vol. 93, p67-81, 1982: J Ashby, PA Lefevre, JA Styles, JD Charlesworth and D Paton.
  • Methylated purines formed in DNA by dimethyl nitrosamine in rats previously exposed to hepatotoxic and hepatocarcinogenic regimens: effect on repair of 06-methyl guanine: Chem. Biol. Interactions, vol. 53 p283-301, 1985: DP Cooper, JA Styles, C Bradbrook, JD Charlesworth, C-H Chu, PJ O’Connor and GP Margison.


Acknowledgements for Significant Contribution:

  • Chemical structure, Salmonella mutagenicity and extent of carcinogenicity as indicators of genotoxic carcinogenesis among 222 chemicals tested in rodents by the U.S. NCI/NTP. Mutation Research, 204, p17-115, 1988 John Ashby and Raymond W. Tennant (Acknowledgement: Julie Charlesworth ‘assistance in construction of this table is gratefully acknowledged’)
  • Twenty-five years of developments in carcinogen hazard assessment: Michael Williams Memorial Lecture – paper read to Section of Occupational Medicine at the Royal Society of Medicine, London 24 March 1988: Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 82, p254-259, 1989: IFH Purchase (Acknowledgement: ‘I thank Dr Julie Charlesworth for her help in preparing this manuscript’)
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