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A Tree of Life Sciences®

Transforming complex information and concepts

A Tree of Life Sciences® exists to inform, improve and inspire. The company was founded by Dr Julie Charlesworth, a PhD biochemist and cancer research scientist, to create a new and fresh approach for services to the Life Sciences sector; and deliver expert consultancy to individuals and organisations looking for specialist Life Science expertise on a short-term or ad hoc basis.

This independent consultancy continues to evolve. I am a scientist and an expert in life sciences, clinical and health research with interests and experience in life and sciences more generally. My primary focus at the moment is communication relating to Life, Sciences, and Life Sciences allowing me time to enjoy and contribute more widely in prose, my own poetry and photos.

Transcend borders and boundaries with A Tree of Life Sciences®

We provide services in:

  • Consultancy: covering many Life Science areas, including medical writing and clinical development projects; project or leadership general support; ‘doing the right thing’ initiatives, issue management and project rescue. Find out more.
  • Writing, reviewing and editing: offering a range of services for medical writing (regulatory, medical communications and also core labelling); other Life Science areas; educational or training materials; and niche areas. Find out more.
  • Learning: A Tree of Life Sciences® has a growing interest in training, education, coaching and mentoring. We can help you in a consultancy capacity or by direct participation in events and activities. Find out more.

With local and international perspectives, A Tree of Life Sciences® spans the breadth and depth of all subject areas.

Our network of talented medical writing and clinical research professionals have extensive knowledge in the Life Sciences, biotech, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Subjects of interest include products, health and disease areas, processes or new initiatives. If you have a need for one of the services we offer, or coaching, mentoring or leadership support, contact us.

Our Ethos

Our ethos is to work with integrity. We are ‘straight-talking’.
We take our work seriously not ourselves.

Our Approach

At A Tree of Life Sciences® there is a passion for Life Sciences and a love of language. It is a fascinating time to be working in this area. Life Science research is on the cusp of exciting advances and there are major developments in the ways people can work together.

Following the period of economic gloom, we are inspired by Life Science research. By transforming complex information and concepts we aim to present a realistic and optimistic outlook on life and Life Sciences.

Our Outlook

A Tree of Life Sciences® grew from UK roots and a foundation of valuable international experience, enabling a global perspective and international outlook.

We have an appreciation of international differences and we value diversity. Through experience and our interest in people, we recognise that there are also more similarities than differences.

Life sciences transcend boundaries
Our native English is an advantage because English is a key language of communication in this field. Our communications will flow naturally.

Although we know many different languages, enabling us to understand our clients’ intentions in English, we do not profess to be able to produce communications in other languages without passing them through native speakers.

Making complex information and concepts simple
We pride ourselves on our ability to turn complex information and concepts into simple, easy-to-understand information, without compromising the meaning through over-simplification. We also respect the intelligence of all of our clients, and work closely with them to ensure the highest quality result.

English is a rich language full of nuances, which we know from experience, non-native English speaking people are keen to learn. A Tree of Life Sciences ® can help you do just that.

Contact us now to find out how A Tree of Life Sciences® can benefit you.

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    Transcending boundaries for Life Sciences through communications, project management and leadership support and consultancy.

  • Improve

    Expert Reviewing (and editing + support for non-native English authors).

  • Inform

    Writing and communications tailored to purpose and audience.

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