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Julie Charlesworth, Founder

A Tree of Life Sciences® was created by Dr Julie Charlesworth, a PhD biochemist and cancer research scientist with over 25 years’ experience in the life sciences, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Julie continues her involvement in professional networks such as the EMWA, MedComms events and leadership initiatives. She is recognised for her insightful comments; and for supporting, challenging and inspiring not only newcomers but also seasoned professionals.

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The Logo of A Tree of Life Sciences®

We are so proud of our logo that we registered it as a trademark. It represents the essence and direction of our company and reminds us that this is a great time to be working in Life Sciences. Our passion for Life Sciences and our sound scientific experience is represented by the DNA double helix, which contains information and instructions written in a language of just 4 letters, ACTG. Major advances in Life Science research have increased the knowledge and understanding of DNA and how it is transcribed, translated and expressed. DNA is ‘high science’ that belongs to us all. It has become part of our language – a communication success in itself. Find out more about our story and our logo.
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