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A note from Julie Charlesworth

Sometimes in our life and career – we should consider our drivers – survival, ambitions, family, responsibilities, mortgages, vanity and also how we are behaving.

We should reflect on our younger selves and wonder what we would have thought about the ‘finished products’.

Not to say we were always right when younger (cringe) and not to say we’ve been getting everything wrong now (harsh)

Just to ask – hang on – do I really want to be what I am becoming?

That’s exactly what I did some years ago when I cast off the shackles of conventional employment – I use that term because that’s what it truly felt like – liberating. Resigning from Big Pharma was risky, scary even. I’m not advocating that this would be right for everyone and I absolutely don’t regret the fantastic career, experience and opportunities offered to me up until that point (that’s true to a large extent although maybe a bit ‘crawling’ because I also disliked some aspects).


At first I went a little ‘punch-drunk’/’crazy’ and threw myself into exciting family projects and adventures.

I did not abandon my education and career; I just had a major clear out – and learned to love my subjects again from a different perspective and for the right reasons. I am a firm believer in life-long learning. From the very outset of this new phase I was learning again and developing new and existing skills. My initial focus was on writing and language. It wasn’t long before I fell in love again with the Life Sciences.

I reached out and explored the world and how things were changing, and I met interesting new people through vibrant medical writing, business, MedComms and academic networks. I gradually increased my freelance activities at the same time gaining new professional advanced level accreditations in writing. I was consolidating previous experience and bringing myself back to the cutting edge of life sciences.

So, very unlike my early impatient youth, my decision to embark on a new venture evolved gradually. I resolved to take the full experience and broader perspective, engage with the present and contribute to the future.

The turning point was the founding of a new Company – A Tree of Life Sciences®. There is so much ‘doom and gloom’ around these days, but when you see the whole picture, life can be viewed differently. Life Sciences are not just lab coats, stethoscopes and test tubes – though of course rigorous disciplines are needed to ensure authenticity – but there is much more to share. By working ‘cross-sectionally’ through some well-defined channels of services I want to offer a fresh approach, delivering the ‘goods’ with something extra for our clients. Transforming complex information and concepts – informing, improving and inspiring.

This is my new vision.

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