Yorkshire Day – 1st August 2022.

Happy Yorkshire Day!
Manchester made me, I’d have to say.
But I was once a Yorkshire lass.
Born and bred there some time past.

Thankful to have some Northern grit.
And, what the world needs now is some Northern wit!

🎉Thinking of Yorkshire folk and those with Yorkshire connections🎉

Today, I am pausing to think of my Yorkshire roots.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 1/8/22

(On the subject of Yorkshire roots, I should add that the Yorkshire rhubarb in my garden continues to thrive in 2022! See previous post on home comforts and humour in tough times.)

ESOF2022 participation and a big thank you!

It was an excellent event! I am grateful and feel privileged to have had media accreditation and the freedom to dip in and out with access to everything. As a science communicator, I am of course emerging from this stimulating experience with stories to tell.
ESOF2022 Poster


For now, please note the EuorScience Open Forum is renowned for:

  • Being ‘the largest biennial interdisciplinary meeting on science and innovation in Europe, for and with society.’
  • Bringing together stakeholders involved in European science: scientists, business executives and policy-makers.
  • Connecting curious minds across Europe and beyond (from 87 different countries on this occasion).

The meeting has evolved, and it has to an extent been a leader in adapting to a hybrid format to meet recent needs and preferences for in-person or virtual options for large international events.

I was very pleased to be a participant again this year. I was also quietly listening in earnest when just as I thought no-one had particularly noticed me, there was a mention of my name – very welcoming 😊. And again, when I thought no-one particularly knew, there was another mention of me attending on-line from Manchester with a comment of ‘great city’ – very true!! Although strictly speaking I was in Cheshire (and a bit further out from South Manchester) mainly with my virtual and online presence.

I have participated in the press offices previously and as an accredited media/science communicator for every ESOF conference onsite and online from Manchester 2016, Toulouse 2018, Trieste 2020 and now Leiden 2022.

For a variety of reasons, I was not able to attend in person this year and my preference was to participate online and virtually – from my home, and in the moment. It worked very well, and I am grateful to the organisers.


Thank you to ESOF2022!

I will be spreading not only the serious science but also the joy of science.
More to come…

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 21/7/22

‘Summer, Romance, and Roses’ and a message of positivity and hope.

With the wedding season in full flow, here is a celebration of summer, romance, and roses. To positivity and hope for the future. To newlyweds and those about to wed. To wedding bliss – sealed with a gentle kiss.

A short poem I have just written…
To romance and roses,
Fresh as dew drops
Bouquets and posies.
Even forever
And ever-
Enduring Ruby Wedding roses.
To a sense of serenity.
Pinned to a collar
An emblem to follow
Or simply a single rose
For the one you chose.
To the calm and ambling
Or the wild and rambling.
Times of gushiness.
Full of feelings,
Flowery finesse.
With summer, roses, and love – in the air.
We share our hopes and how we care.
For no matter how life goes.
We can have hope,
And love.
As lovely as a summer rose.

©Julie Charlesworth, 2022

Ruby Wedding rose
The Ruby Wedding roses are back in bloom again this year, and this is a photo I took just a few weeks ago.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 7/7/22


[Note: This time last year – I wrote another poem with sentiments of relevance today, as well.]

To endurance (and enduring love birds).

To Endurance: ‘the capacity of something to last or to withstand wear and tear.’ Recently we are seeing great examples of people in the news including a high-profile broadcaster and biologist, and a singer- songwriter for whom I have respect. Of course, I am sure we also know many unsung heroes in various professions and more generally. ‘Hats off’, ‘high fives’, and respect to them too!

On a lighter note, thinking about enduring love, and getting a bit ‘lovey dovey’. This photo is of another couple of visitors to my garden this week. Looks like love is not only in the air but also at home and grounded.

“Wood pigeons are the touchy-feely type. Some pairs mate for life but re-enforce their bond by taking it in turns to preen and canoodle with each other, not caring one jot for us embarrassed onlookers.” RSPB.

Take care.

(Puns intended – 😉)

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 24/6/22

Jubilee, Tree Time and right on cue. A little poem…


Extra free time.
It’s tree time.
At teatime,
A bit of family and me time.
©Julie Charlesworth, 2022

Why not ‘plant a tree for the Jubilee’?

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 29/5/22

[On cue* – a collage of snapshots I took of Trees in Kew Gardens a few years back and included in a post here in 2017. Must go again soon!]
*pun intended 😊

A season for new beginnings.

It is a season for new beginnings and here again this year, our little feathered friends have returned to nest in the bird house. Meanwhile, the garden is bright with the vibrant colours of rhododendrons 😊.

Garden birds and flowers

[I took the bird snapshot after waiting patiently at a distance from inside the garden room of my ‘human’ house – so as not to disturb these regular visitors. They seem happy to return to the simple, safe accommodation we provided.]

I am feeling appreciative of some of the simple joys of nature close to home.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 22/5/22

Happy International Clinical Trials Day!

It is International Clinical Trials Day – so just a few words to say there is much to celebrate in this area, particularly today! Thinking about the achievements resulting from clinical research.

– Thankful to all the people involved in clinical trials, particularly participants.

– Appreciating the dedicated work of professionals conducting and monitoring clinical trials; people researching new methods; researchers collaborating internationally.

– Pausing to reflect on the value of international clinical trials past and present.

Thinking about the future…

In the fields of clinical trial design, conduct, and reporting – we should celebrate the good and be critical of the bad/flawed. We need to continually seek to improve efficiency and standards.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 20/5/22

[This date in May is chosen because it also ‘commemorates the day when James Lind started his famous clinical trial on scurvy in 1747, May 20th, and laid the foundation for modern clinical research.’]

MedComms, international medical publication professionals and medical writers.

Great to see MedComms, international medical publication professionals and medical writers engaging within their communities in conversations and discussions on what there is to be learned from the covid pandemic years. People have been working very hard in these fields. There is also much work to be done!

We should look positively to the future. Time to get on with making it a better future.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 12/5/22

[Link to message early in the pandemic]

Proud of my registered company name and logo.

A Tree of Life Sciences®. I am proud of my registered company name and logo which I protect whenever necessary.

Logo | A Tree of Life Sciences Ltd
Through these themes I can continue to contribute to my mission to Inform, Improve and Inspire particularly in Life Sciences and health research; but also, in life and sciences more generally. My communications include papers, post, and poems.

Transcending borders and boundaries in subject and scope.

Global, national, and local projects or perspectives.

Project consultancy and communications. Life Sciences, Clinical and Health Research.

What a great time to be involved in research and communications!

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 30/4/22

[Serious with a creative flair. There is also a distinctive business card for A Tree of Life Sciences® which has been in circulation internationally and locally for many years. It continues to uniquely capture the essence of my company, my work and mission. Still loving the colour too.]

Moods, perspectives and plans.

2/4/22. Life feels grey and gloomy particularly in the news, but here’s hoping there may be light and blue skies to come. To new horizons.

A photo I took on 2 April 2022, that captures a moment and a mood.
To brighter times and a better future.

17/4/2022. Looking forward to walking through a ‘sea’ of bluebells soon. Life doesn’t always go to plan and sometimes we must just try and make the best of a situation and use our imagination…

Bluebell woods and me
Photo taken in May 2019 in a bluebell wood near to home in the UK. That’s me in the photo enjoying a magical moment in Nature’s Garden and a spot of ‘tree bathing’.

Getting out in Nature and a good dose of fresh air can help.

I hope it’s going to plan for you and if not, perhaps change the plans to try and stay positive.
Take care.
Happy holidays!

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 17/4/22

26/4/22 Update.
Home Sweet Home! Finally, home after my original plans to be back in the UK with family for the holidays were thwarted by covid. It’s still around – we need to take care of ourselves and others; and behave responsibly. Proceeding with caution. Take care.

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