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Testimonial from client (September 2016 to 2019):

I first contacted Dr Julie Charlesworth, and her company A Tree of Life Sciences Ltd, in September 2016 regarding a workshop on population health intervention research (PHIR) to be held in November 2016. Her contribution in terms of intellect, experience and insight exceeded my expectations and she helped me achieve a very successful outcome both during and after the workshop. She rapidly earned the respect of opinion leaders and experts from a range of disciplines. Since then we have worked closely together for over 2 years in her capacity as a writer and project consultant. Her professional approach and excellent communication skills were immediately apparent. At every project phase she has consistently delivered to the highest quality and to time. Julie’s strong research background, depth of knowledge and wide experience in many different fields enables insightful contributions. I am very happy to have her as a co-author on some recent publications.

Julie has integrity and enthusiasm. It is always a pleasure to work with her.

I would highly recommend Dr Charlesworth for any writing projects (including non-native English speakers/authors) and as a consultant for international cross-disciplinary projects.  (February 2019).


Career mentoring (2015 to 2019):
‘Julie has been an excellent mentor. Her wealth of experience across many areas of the life science sector has meant she has given me valuable career advice about various career options post-PhD. She has also been brilliant at teaching new concepts and skills needed for these other careers, in a clear manner, which I feel will really boost my employment opportunities in the future.’ 12 October 2018 AG

“I would say that I have benefited enormously from having a mentor over the last few months and learnt a lot of skills and a different way of thinking.” MR

“I think the [Manchester Gold Programme] has been really great- Julie is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I wanted to join the scheme to get advice on job applications and interviews for securing an industrial placement. Julie provided me with great advice and I ended up getting two job offers for my placement year. However, Manchester Gold provided me with much more than this- it was great to hear about Julie’s postgraduate education experience and career path and all the opportunities that are out there for Life Sciences students like me. By becoming more aware of these opportunities, I have a clearer idea of what I want to do when I finish my degree. We also covered a wide range of other topics including business etiquette, leadership and change management, helping me develop my personal skills. Because of Julie I have increased my awareness of the pharmaceutical industry and am thinking ahead to after I graduate. I will definitely recommend Manchester Gold to other students.” RH


“As President of the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) I have worked with Dr Charlesworth since she took on the role of Freelance Advocate for EMWA in November 2015. The aim of this role is to represent freelancers within EMWA. As part of the role Julie has successfully prepared and presented the Freelance Business Forum to approximately 70 attendees at the last two EMWA conferences jointly with her co-presenter. She has been enthusiastic and proactive in obtaining speakers and in developing relationships with other European Associations which could be beneficial to freelance members of EMWA. She has actively encouraged small local meetings for medical communication specialists and used all opportunities to raise awareness of EMWA and increase membership and involvement. She also co-edits the freelance section of the quarterly “Medical Writing” journal for EMWA.

During the time I have worked with Julie I have found her to be open, friendly, clear in her communication, well organised and dedicated to doing the best job possible.”


“Julie is unquestionably highly talented in project management, writing and communication and has many other skills and personal qualities.”

“Julie joined us at a time when recruitment had levelled off, the feasibility of achieving the target had been questioned and funding was at risk. She developed successful tactical plans. Recruitment subsequently soared and the first data were delivered ahead of the original schedule (and to quality and budget).”

“Julie works well with experts in many specialities and countries. She has a wide experience and knowledge of pharmaceutical business.”

“Julie was clearly a successful flag-bearer for the trial within the company.”

“Her organisational and interpersonal skills were evident in her management of events such as Investigator Meetings and Steering Committee Meetings.”

“All her work was of the highest standards and always delivered to agreed timelines.”

“Julie came with a wealth of experience in clinical trial processes.”

“I was particularly impressed with her writing skills and her interactions with senior academics in the UK and abroad.”

“She is intelligent, friendly, enthusiastic and sociable but above all professional, open, honest and pragmatic in business.”

“Julie’s most obvious characteristic is her enthusiasm. She is never less than fully committed to her current priority and the resultant output is impressive.”

“She is a skilled communicator both verbally and on paper.”

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