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Why might you need a consultant?

Do you have a problem that needs to be resolved but your own resources and time are limited?

Would you value some independent expert advice?

Does your project require additional resources or skills beyond those immediately available to you?

Do you think a consultant could help in any other way?

“Doing the right thing”

We are keen to help organisations introduce new initiatives to radically improve the way they work.  This is increasingly important with the advent of more cross-industry partnerships and collaboration between companies, academia, government and non-profit organisations. If  “doing the right thing” is an important part of your project or initiative we want to help you achieve this aspiration.

We also have a proven track record in ‘project rescue’ and working with issue management teams.

What A Tree of Life Sciences Consultant Provides

  • Expertise and specialist advice in a range of areas for a variety of businesses and organisations
  • Consideration of possible actions and consequences
  • Quick action-points to address any uncertainty
  • Proactive solutions to enable more effective use of resources
  • Effective and inspiring communications
  • A service to kick-start your project
  • Support and guidance to oversee your project to completion and follow-up beyond
  • Interim help with your project
  • Project management/leadership support or coaching

What We Are Equipped With

  • Multiple skill sets, to address and resolve your troubles or dilemmas.
  • A wealth of experience to enable us to work closely with different members within or outside your business, to gain trust and identify the real issues and opportunities.
  • An extensive network of talented medical writers and clinical research professionals with a vast amount of expertise and resource.
  • A successful track record in project management and leadership including experience of roles such as Development Advisor in a Big Pharma Business Leadership Programme/Change Management.

Examples Of Our Work and Interests

  • Ensuring prescribing information is consistent, wherever possible, across products and territories and that is compatible everywhere with what the company believes is correct and can be justified
  • Working with lawyers and other professional and technical experts to get the right wording
  • Ensuring proper identification, evaluation, monitoring and tracking of issues, and effective issue management
  • Transparency of data from clinical trials and clinical studies
  • Sharing of information for research purposes and public awareness
  • Ensuring the appropriate balance between transparency, patient privacy and protection of commercial interests

We are proactively involved and provide support for projects in areas including Life Sciences and clinical research, drug development, pharmacovigilance, medical information and health education.

Take a look at our testimonials and case studies.

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