Science is for everyone, and the language of science is spreading.

This became increasingly apparent during the Covid-19 pandemic. More people showed they were interested in science. I think this had a good effect on scientific understanding and curiosity generally. Here’s a piece I penned in poetic verse about how the language of science is spreading with a few thoughts to ponder:


Science is for everyone!
Chat show hosts are doing it
Businesses are doing it
It seems everyone is doing it…

Speaking the language of science.

‘It’s in our DNA’
‘It’s in my genes’
‘And the DNA test shows…’

There are levels of understanding.
And a good scientist
recognises their own limits.
Other good people
Should do too.
And many people do.

So, is it DNA?
Or deoxyribonucleic acid?
(It can be) either
Or both.
But DNA can be used
to portray a concept.
Or a molecular composition
With a structure and function.
And about which there is still much to learn.

In recent times
New words are becoming
Part of the vocabulary.
R factor, RNA, Antibodies, Antigens.
And there are more words to come.
Politicians, the media, and generally,
It seems everyone is doing it.

Speaking the language of science.

Communication is key.
Speaking a new language
Can be challenging,
And also stimulating.
No-one can know everything.
But spreading understanding is important.
The language of science is spreading.
Go ahead and choose it
But be careful how you use it.

Because…science is for everyone!

©Julie Charlesworth, 2024


Science, medical, and health communications are important.

Scientific understanding is important because knowledge and understanding help us to make informed decisions – both individually and collectively.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 18/03/24