An excellent experience at World Expo.

I had the opportunity to visit Expo 2020 during my recent visit to Dubai and I am excited to share some of my snapshots and observations. The original start date having been delayed by a year due to the Covid–19 pandemic could now proceed for 6 months from October 2021 to 31 March 2022, providing the world with some much-needed messages of happiness, resilience, hope and positivity.

World Expos occur every 5 years and this is the first ever to be held in the Middle East. Around 192 countries are represented. There are three core themes – namely Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity. The motto of Expo Dubai is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.

Some snapshots and highlights from a day’s visit to the Dubai Expo.

Welcome and Dubai Expo map

There is fun for all the family and for grown-ups, kids, or grandkids alike. For example: Featured in these snapshots are the enchanting ball pool experience in the Hungary pavilion; the Petit Prince theme in the France pavilion; the popular Water Feature outdoors.
Fun at Expo Dubai

Country Pavilions
Dubai Expo includes pavilions where different countries showcase their achievements in arts, culture, sciences, and business.

An impressive example is the UAE pavilion:

I was particularly drawn to the theme of Open Access to knowledge.
Open Access UAE pavilion

It was interesting to learn more about cutting edge research and innovative approaches in the UAE.
Research and innovation UAE

The vision and dreams for a better world were inspirational from a historical perspective and, also continued as a theme for the future.
Vision and dreams UAE pavilion

In summary, of course this short report is just a snippet of what there is to see and experience at the Dubai Expo. Combining a family outing with business and professional curiosity, and with young grandchildren in tow, our small family group made the most of a day visit from 10am to 4pm. We walked 10km! My only regret was I didn’t get to go back, spend more time there and explore more of the many exhibitions and events on offer.

Finally, to close here is a photo at dusk in Dubai.

Dusk in Dubai

If you get the chance, I recommend a visit to the Dubai Expo.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 21/02/22