Chance, Choice and Defining Moments ©

This is a title and theme of several of my talks.
I have also expressed it in a short piece I have written:


Reflecting on what I have learned so far
From life and science.
(And, I am still learning.)
There is this thread that seems to hold true:
Progress in both life and in science (and other matters matter too)
Is often down to a matter of
Chance, Choice and Defining Moments!

My message to newcomers,
In either case.
And what I would tell my younger self,
Is this:

A story will evolve, and you may not see it
Until later on.
Maybe it was there all along.
Or maybe we ‘cherry pick’,
Or tease out a story in hindsight.

There will be chances you have,
And see
Or don’t see.
Chance itself clearly plays a part.
The choices you make
May be right
Or may seem wrong.
The defining moments that set us
On a new course,
May be different from what you think
At the time.

Remember, when we are grown up
At heart, we are each still the child we once were.
It is still in me
And it is still in you.
And there is always scope for growth,
More that you can do.

So, take it all seriously
But not too seriously.
Serendipity is at play.
Don’t overthink and worry too much.
Keep on learning and try to enjoy the ride,
On this rich tapestry
of Chance, Choice and Defining Moments.

©Julie Charlesworth, 2020

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 21/9/20