ESOF2022 participation and a big thank you!

It was an excellent event! I am grateful and feel privileged to have had media accreditation and the freedom to dip in and out with access to everything. As a science communicator, I am of course emerging from this stimulating experience with stories to tell.
ESOF2022 Poster


For now, please note the EuorScience Open Forum is renowned for:

  • Being ‘the largest biennial interdisciplinary meeting on science and innovation in Europe, for and with society.’
  • Bringing together stakeholders involved in European science: scientists, business executives and policy-makers.
  • Connecting curious minds across Europe and beyond (from 87 different countries on this occasion).

The meeting has evolved, and it has to an extent been a leader in adapting to a hybrid format to meet recent needs and preferences for in-person or virtual options for large international events.

I was very pleased to be a participant again this year. I was also quietly listening in earnest when just as I thought no-one had particularly noticed me, there was a mention of my name – very welcoming 😊. And again, when I thought no-one particularly knew, there was another mention of me attending on-line from Manchester with a comment of ‘great city’ – very true!! Although strictly speaking I was in Cheshire (and a bit further out from South Manchester) mainly with my virtual and online presence.

I have participated in the press offices previously and as an accredited media/science communicator for every ESOF conference onsite and online from Manchester 2016, Toulouse 2018, Trieste 2020 and now Leiden 2022.

For a variety of reasons, I was not able to attend in person this year and my preference was to participate online and virtually – from my home, and in the moment. It worked very well, and I am grateful to the organisers.


Thank you to ESOF2022!

I will be spreading not only the serious science but also the joy of science.
More to come…

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 21/7/22