‘Freedom for science, science for freedom’. Thank you ESOF2020!

Thank you also for granting me Media Accreditation and for the Freedom to dip in and out with access to everything. As a science communicator, I have so many stories to tell from Trieste. It was an exhilarating conference! What an inspiring start to September.

The motto of ESOF2020 Trieste is important and timely.

FREEDOM FOR SCIENCE refers to the open-ended and unresolved questions that science is facing, with method and curiosity, without restrictions of credo or prejudices.’

SCIENCE FOR FREEDOM, on the other hand, refers to the inclusiveness of science and its language, which goes beyond borders and conflicts and brings together people of any colour and gender.’

I will be spreading not only the serious science but also the joy and hope of science.

Watch this space…

by Dr Julie Charlesworth