Hairdos in Lockdown – time for a new look?

Is it time for a new image and a new look?


The Corona Lockdown Look.
What will it be?

Rags and rollers
Ringlets and curls
Plaits or bobs
(Your uncle)?

Give us a twirl.
Short back and sides,

Or try – the brave new hairdos:

The mum-cut, the dad-cut
A glum cut, a glad cut
A crooked fringe
That’s far too short!
Oi – don’t whinge!
Cut it short!
Enough is enough – well, fair-do’s

For those with shades of grey
Well – we won’t go there ;)
Salt and pepper
You look dapper.
Backcomb a bouffant.
Where did that come from?

Highlights of the day.
A new look,
An old look.
A wrap it in a scarf – with sunglasses look 😎
Plastic rain hoods – remember them? 🌧
Old-time lads and lasses
How time passes.

Straighten or wave it.
Thinning?- Shave it!
Skinhead or punk style.
Define yourself like that style.
Perm it,
Or Put it up.
Ponytail or bun it up.

A little bit of this,
A little bit of that.
If it all goes wrong
You can put on a hat!

Really? Do you like yourself like that? ;)
©Julie Charlesworth, 2020

A poem to amuse, written by me in ‘lockdown’

Take care and stay safe.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 5/5/20