International Women’s Day.

The UN has announced the theme for International Women’s Day (IWD) on 8 March 2024 as ‘Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress’.

In the run up to IWD I reflected on IWD 2023 when I was out and about at various events relating to IWD globally and locally. See my photos from 2023.

IWD Global and local events

This year I’m staying close to home. I’d like to say how grateful I am to have daughters, a daughter-in-law, and granddaughters. I am very proud of them all. (I am of course very proud of all the male family members as well and their love and respect for women and girls).

IWD is about the girls ❤️ and girls at heart ❤️.

For IWD 2024 I will be supporting and cheering on other people who are out celebrating and actively participating in many different ways to promote and support women’s causes.

Happy IWD and beyond to everyone out there 🌍.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 04/03/24