Mother’s Day and Eileen 100.

Let’s think about mothers and their legacies.

This year it is fitting that I ‘shine a light’ on my mum who would have been 100 years old this year! She lived to a good age – 89 years. Her legacy lives on.

I think we sometimes forget the many facets of our mothers as individuals themselves. In Mum’s case I have many stories and anecdotes to pass on – from her girlhood, wartime years, wife, mother, grandmother, and her twilight years. As a 25-year-old she stood up against the bigotry of religion to marry my dad. She was feisty on occasions and especially when suffering the ravages of dementia in her last few years. Nonetheless, she came back to me towards the end in moments of clarity to squeeze my hand and tell me she loved me.

Eileen was a smart lady of many talents from a big working class Yorkshire family. She was straight-talking, and the wisdom of the advice she gave me for motherhood and work still rings true now. There is so much more to say.

Today, I celebrate the memories of Eileen as my mum, her support and encouragement, her joy, laughter, wit, and warmth. Her legacy lives on.

Cognisant that it will be a time of mixed emotions for many people who have sadly lost their mothers. I’d like to share the poem I wrote more recently. The sentiments of my poem ‘Stay With Me’ bring me comfort and hopefully others will appreciate these words too.

So, remember Mother’s Day and cherish your mother or the fond memories you have.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 16/03/23

[Mother’s Day 19th March 2023 in the UK or other dates elsewhere]