Pandemic Pandemonium© A Poem.

I have just written this poem and I would like to share it with you. Its theme is frustration and fighting back.


RNA in a fatty sphere with protein spikes.
How dare you!
You are not even life as we define it.
Just a molecule in a coat.
You are brainless. Mindless.

Yet you come into our lives, into our beings.
Driven to replicate, burst forth,
To perpetuate and spread.
Wreaking disease and devastations,
Isolations or even death.

You caught so many people unaware.
You broke hearts and spirit for a while.
But you cannot last for very long without a host.
We are unwilling hosts!

We are rising together
We will find your weakness.
We are coming for you – Now!

©Julie Charlesworth, 2020

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 28.4.20