Perspectives for International Women’s Day (IWD).

Ahead of IWD I was thinking from an international perspective. It was the week before IWD, and I happened to be in Dubai. I made an impromptu visit to the Women’s Pavilion at the Dubai Expo site. Here are a few of my snapshots taken on this visit:

Womens Pavilion Dubai IWD 2023

Events continue in this dedicated pavilion and there will be a lot happening around IWD this year. However, on this particular visit it was a very quiet day presenting an opportunity to calmly savour the wonderful exhibition.

I paused to think about all the inspirational contributions of women internationally, over the years and towards the future: women heroes, ‘unsung women heroes’ and ordinary women contributing every day and often facing incredible challenges. Despite the progress made, difficult journeys and challenges continue for many women.

There are many perspectives. This is the question posed at the entrance to the exhibition.

What's your perspective? Women's Pavilion Dubai

‘The Women’s Pavilion is a dedicated space for meaningful discussions supporting women’s contributions to shaping a more balanced world.’

Let’s all ‘do our bit’ and appreciate the women and men who support the causes of women.

‘Be the generation to end gender inequality and empower women’.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 03/03/23


In the run up to IWD I have been staying in Dubai. Here is a glorious early morning view – a snapshot I took from my balcony.
View from balcony Dubai 2023