Professional communicators and writers – doing the right thing and now!

It is great to see professional groups, networks, forums, associations, companies, institutes, agencies and individuals – speaking out or just getting on with it! Many science, medical, health and medcomms communicators and writers are doing the right thing by promoting and supporting high standards and working with transparency, openness, timeliness and integrity. There were already some long-term proponents of such causes and many more are now rising to such challenges which are even more important in these troubled times.

I made a call out some 6 months ago, which was very well-received. The points are still very pertinent…

‘To the professional communicators in science particularly life sciences, clinical research and medicine. Now is the time to get it right. Now is a good time for you – to write. Too right it is because:

Science writers and medical writers can:
· help with results interpretation and provide appropriate language and wording.
· improve the writing quality.
· speed up the processes of trial and regulatory document development.

Science, medical and medcomms communicators can:
· call out the fake, inaccurate and poor reports.
· improve the quality of messages and conclusions in communications.
· facilitate understanding and evidence-based decisions.

And these are just some of the ways…

You know the need is there and you can help. So, tell them!’

I wrote this message and posted it to my networks on LinkedIn and more publicly (early in the pandemic and again more recently).

I am proud to know a lot of good people out there who are doing the right thing.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 02/11/20