Reconnecting with the PSA.

Why was the Professional Speaking Association (PSA) Spring Conference something worth coming back for?

PSA Summit April 2023

My main purpose was to reconnect in person with many speakers and friends who I have known for years but rarely see these days (since C19). Many attendees from several regions would be in one place on the same day. With people and subjects heartfelt and a location close to my heart and near home – this time it was central Manchester for the Spring Conference. What’s not to like 👍.

It did not disappoint. Indeed, it surpassed my expectations on many levels!

The coverage of interesting serious subjects, emotional stories; diverse perspectives and different opinions are always a refreshing change. Tips were shared. Some good people came together with a common interest – SPEAKING. As a group or individually speakers are openly or quietly supporting each other.

I think professional speakers with this role as a main source of income were particularly impacted by the covid restrictions; many adapted but it was (and still is) a challenging time.

I am glad I attended this event in person. There were many familiar faces and several people who I know and like. I was astounded by how many people still recognised and remembered me (I have been quiet for a while in this area).

Great speakers, table talks with experts and a fantastic uplifting vibe. Lots of new faces, networking, and new connections to be made. Serious discussions. Nonetheless, so much fun and laughter too.

Travelling in and out of Manchester by train again – credit where credit is due this was another positive train experience for me.

As always there was lots to learn and to open the mind. I am sure there will be many posts about this day. A well-spent Saturday!

For now, just to say thank you to the PSA for a great event and to wish everyone all the best. There will of course be follow-ups as well 😊.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 24/04/23