Out and about: A new poem.



And so, we are here.
We survived thus far.
You and I
And others too.

Everyone has their own stories,
In these strangest of times.
Some will hold them close.
Some will be shared in rhymes.

Out and about more now.
We are the same
But not the same.

We can shout it
Or quietly contemplate
Our fate.
No doubt about it
Things are not the same.

It’s not all over
But it feels different.
And so, it should be.
If not,
Then what did we learn?

It is time for unity.
Some will engage.
Maybe in different ways
But in a common purpose.
And that is
– To change.

©Julie Charlesworth, 2021

It felt like time for a poem and this is the one I have just written. (There are lots where this came from – Maybe to share.) I find that poetry flows naturally from within, and it finds its own way of expressing and communicating feelings. At the risk of sounding or being pretentious – I’ll stop there. I simply hope it strikes a note for you to enjoy.

Take care.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 8/9/21

Sunny surprises and serendipity

Sunny surprise sunflower in the garden

Look what turned up in the garden
over the summer;
presumably a sunflower seed
from the bird feeders
was accidentally spilled
or dropped
by one of our feathered friends.
With a little added human support,
it stands tall
with its head held high.
Brings a sunny smile 😊 ☀️ 🌞

To unexpected findings and sunny surprises.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 2/9/21

How to address a pandemic, now and in future.

How can we address the current pandemic and those that might occur in the future?

We have many different tools.

Vaccination is one of the essential tools with health policies based on scientific data and the involvement of citizens also being key. There has been much progress and learning in a range of different fields. All this bodes well for the future if we support and use it wisely.

Vaccines are key tools but not the only 🧰 tools.

Challenges of COVID have shown us the power of collaboration.

We have got such a lot to learn from all this.

Involvement and experience in international collaborative projects is in keeping with my personal values, and those of A Tree of Life Sciences® in “transcending borders and boundaries” in high value projects.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 25/8/21

Stars and gardens.

Whilst venturing to the stars, remember to nurture your garden at home. *

Remember the garden

I couldn’t resist taking this photo – to remember the joyful colour, shape, and form in the garden at home.

(I am not the gardening expert in our house – gardening is Hubby’s passion and hard work. I appreciate his effort and results though ❤️)

*Words inspired by my logo, my garden, and a quote by Jeremy Bentham.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 20/8/21

Life Sciences, the name and logo: a moment of reflection.

When I set up A Tree of Life Sciences Ltd some years ago, I created the name and designed the logo, myself. On reflection, I made the right decision particularly in view of the huge interest in life sciences and the research and endeavours that are being undertaken.

Logo | A Tree of Life Sciences Ltd

(I am very proud of the name and the logo which are registered trademarks.)

Life sciences remain important now and for the future!

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 11/8/21

Further information:
A Tree of Life Sciences® – the story

The Logo

Summer holidays and a highlight.

You can get your ducks in a row or simply swan around a bit. For me, one of the highlights has been family time together with the grownup ‘kids’ and feeding the ducks with young grandchildren!

Ducks and swan

Whether planning and organising schedules or deciding to go off to have fun and forget work and responsibilities, let’s also savour simple special times with our loved ones.

Have fun over the holidays.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 14/8/21

(I took the snapshot by a local lake)

Holiday months: hopefully times for reconnecting.

For many people this is a month for vacations or at least a time for some summer breaks from work, school, or studies. I am very much hoping that people are able where possible to reunite with family and loved ones whom they have missed over the months or even years. The pandemic is far from over, but the development and roll-out of several different vaccines is enabling possibilities to reconnect in person; proceeding with cautious optimism is probably the best approach. Scientific research and various collaborations have enabled enormous strides to be made. There is much to celebrate and still much more to be done to rise to current and future challenges.

To summer fun, sunshine, and plenty of fresh air.
Take care.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 2/8/21

A good time for science, and gratitude.

It is actually a very good time for science! I am grateful to have been able to contribute over the years particularly in life sciences, clinical and health sciences; and to be part of the research communities. It is exciting work – there is much to be done and much to communicate.

I am also enjoying other interests including poetry – and being able to experiment there too!

I am grateful to my colleagues and friends in a range of disciplines and diverse areas. ‘Thank you’ to them for ‘keeping me on my toes’. I love exploring different perspectives and being able to appreciate contributions of others and to be able to contribute from a different and general viewpoint.

I love communication. I love poetry. It’s great to be able to experiment and hear of it being enjoyed by others too.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 1/7/21

Spring to summer one year on

With photos and verse.

Spring to Summer 2021


Spring turns to summer,
One year on.
Life goes on.
And with caution, resilience, and optimism
We can move on
For the better,

At home in the garden,
This month the birds
Have been nesting
Or singing on high.

The Ruby Wedding Roses
Planted last year
Are back this year
In glorious bloom.

Like many other people
I have been thinking
About serious issues
And preparedness
For possible battles ahead;
For life sciences,
Clinical and health research.

This weekend,
I’m not dwelling unduly
On the issues
But rather
Taking time out,
‘To smell the roses’.

©Julie Charlesworth, 2021

Here’s to building on successes, managing the risks, and keeping it all in perspective. Take care, be strong, think positively.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 24/6/21


A few photos I have taken to capture some special moments and share them with you.
(N.B. I took the photos of the birds in the garden from a sensible distance using a zoom feature on my smart phone – so as not to disturb our feathered friends).


Walking with wildflowers

Half-term holidays with walks and wildflowers.

Wildflowers and communication

The centre picture brings 3 questions to mind 😊💭😉

Do you like butter?

What time is it?

They love me; they love me not?

Buttercups, dandelions, and daisies don’t have the true answers – but folklore and fun are fine in the context of activities for children and grown-ups alike.

The answers are not evidence-based of course, and thankfully no-one is presuming that they are true.

Communications that are creative but not misleading, which indicate whether a communication is evidence-based or not, are preferable. On a serious note, evidence-based serious science reporting is essential and important, especially for decision making.

Enjoy the rest of the half-term holiday. Here’s to the wildflowers and free-spirited individuals.
Take care. Have fun.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 2/6/21

[Photos: I took them this week on a walk close to home up North in England. What can you see? Buttercups, Daisies, Dandelions, Poppies, Nettles, Columbines, and Forget-me-nots]