Holiday Message December 2019

Here’s to successful serious science and the joys of discovery and communication. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Peace and Perspective in this hectic run up period. Take care and have fun fellow Earthlings ❤️🌎⭐.
And here’s a little something I made earlier …..
(Well, I tried and had fun playing )😂

Dr Julie Charlesworth

More publication news: PHIR and the place of theories

I am delighted with the news that another paper I am a co-author on has just been published (open access).
Publisher: Springer Nature
Journal: Trials

“Population health intervention research: the place of theories”
Authors: Graham Moore, Linda Cambon, Susan Michie, Pierre Arwidson, Grégory Ninot, Christine Ferron, Louise Potvin, Nadir Kellou, Julie Charlesworth, François Alla and Discussion Panel.

To access to this publication, click here

Involvement in this international collaborative project and open access publication is in keeping with my personal values, and those of A Tree of Life Sciences in “transcending borders and boundaries” in high value projects.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth

Moore et al. Trials (2019) 20:285

See also a previous post about different publication of which I am also a co-author:
Thabane et al. Trials (2019) 20:309

January Science Reflections – 3 pertinent points

With all that is happening in Europe and the UK these days, a few flashbacks to the summer of science 2018 come to mind – I already covered some highlights of the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) in posts I wrote from July to September 2018. Below are 3 additional take home thoughts which seem particularly pertinent now.

Reflections: photos taken at EuroScience Open Forum 2018 in France

1. When people get together, things happen – collaboration and cooperation in science is healthy and productive.

2. Open science and reproducibility of results can enhance trust in scientific findings.

3. Science is serious but scientists can be playful and science communication can be playful too on occasions – ‘Science Rocks!’

Presentations at the meeting and subsequent papers have certainly sparked wider discussion and progress e.g. Europe’s scientific publications: Plan S and its objective of full open access to publicly funded scientific publications.

The challenges of Open Access and Medical Publishing are also currently the subject of much debate.


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Further reading:
Useful website on Medical Publishing

Holiday Message

Here’s to successful serious science and the joys of discovery and communication.
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Peace and Perspective.
Take care and have fun fellow Earthlings ❤️🌎⭐

And here’s a little something I made earlier …..
(Well I tried and had fun playing)😂

‘It’s a wrap!’ ESOF 2018

‘It’s a wrap!’ ESOF 2018 was a truly inspiring and uplifting experience!!
I’d like to share my overall experience with you, through a compilation of a few more of my snapshots.

ESOF 2018 overview

The EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF 2018) was very timely because it put SCIENCE and EUROPE in the spotlight with a motto of ‘sharing science towards new horizons’.

There were more than 4000 participants ( >25% under 35); coming from 93 countries with 107 nationalities represented.

Central to the event was a full week of programmes, jam-packed with intellectually stimulating and thought-provoking sessions: excellent keynotes, a plethora of diverse presentations, panel sessions, workshops etc. Three key themes were SCIENCE, BUSINESS, and CAREERS. Alongside these programmes there were exhibition stands and posters to discuss. Throughout the week there were plenty of networking opportunities with speakers, scientists, policy makers and other participants.

Having media accreditation, I also had access to the Press Room and of course I voiced many questions in the press conferences.

In addition to all the hard work there was a programme of social events culminating in the ESOF Party at the Cité de l’espace – a fitting setting to celebrate the joy of scientific discovery with serious science, fun science and humour. An uplifting 🚀 experience!

Over the summer, I have already started writing on particular topics and new ideas – there will be more to come …

Overall, just to say it was all about exploring new subjects, feeling the pulse of current issues and exciting developments; questioning, sharing ideas and communicating back to wider ‘audiences’. It’s about developing understanding on a range of new topics and across disciplines and making new friends.


by Dr Julie Charlesworth 18.9.2018

Celebrating Inspiring Women at Manchester, March 2018

I was delighted to have been invited to the ‘Celebrating Inspiring Women at Manchester’ event on International Women’s Day, 8th March 2018.

Celebrating Inspiring Women at Manchester

This year the discussions focussed on the media industry and the ways it shapes how we talk about women. The expert panel discussion stimulated an insightful and thought-provoking evening with some timely and pertinent questions together with an atmosphere of openness and sharing of experiences. It was also a great opportunity for meeting new friends, colleagues and current students to reflect on progress made and new challenges. Thank you to all the organisers for making this such an interesting and enjoyable event.

More about this event and other perspectives on International Women’s Day to be found here.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth

2018 and a new theme for A Tree of Life Sciences

2018 heralds our new theme….

… in Life Sciences, Clinical and Health Research and Initiatives

We are increasing our involvement in international high-value collaborative projects, through consultancy and communication work, whilst continuing to support initiatives and causes that are heartfelt.

Here’s to great co-operation, collaboration and communication in 2018!

Great choice of opening lecture at the Autumn EMWA Conference!

What a great choice of Lecture to start the EMWA conference in Cascais, Portugal!

On November 2nd, 2017 – 133 medical writers and aspiring medical writers gathered to hear an excellent lecture on the use of viruses against antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Fascinating science. The potential use of bacteriophages is an important and timely topic in view of the threat of antibiotic resistance to public health. New approaches present challenges to regulatory frameworks to ensure patient benefits. This brings challenges for medical writers who have an important role in helping new approaches get critically evaluated and available fast.

On a general note, the atmosphere at the conference was stimulating and friendly – with a diverse range of attendees (214) from Europe and beyond – from newcomers to some very experienced professionals all there to learn and continue learning together, and share experience. Whilst there is so much information available elsewhere nowadays – these face-to-face interactions definitely have a very valuable place as well.

It was great to be catching up with colleagues and friends; also meeting new people with much to offer. Of course, there is the bonus of engaging in enjoyable and stimulating impromptu debates at breakfast and coffee times!

by Dr Julie Charlesworth

(previous post on ABR)

Northernness, Power Women and a good dose of Yorkshire Grit

The draw of Leeds (my roots; where I was born and bred) was strong and coupled with a curiosity to see what other Northern women are up to – I found myself on the M62 driving over the Pennines and heading to the first live event of the Northern Power Women (NPW).

Northern Power Women Banner

In the past I have tended to avoid all-women events but I’m getting to really like them – and they’re not all women either. Well, there you go, never assume – keep an open mind.
Result: Meeting some great people and enjoying the energising experiences.

Northern Powerhouse

Some 200 participants gathered in the recently converted Salem Chapel conference venue in the centre of Leeds. The chapel’s new auditorium, combining character and technology, provided a unique setting for story-telling, performances and discussions.

The event comprised a series of quick-fire talks – aspirational yet also to the point. Voices were rich in diversity: from the louder, passionate to the quietly emotive. There were moments to meet and mingle round the stalls in the exhibition hall. The day ended on an uplifting musical note with a duo from the Royal Northern College of Music.

And, of course, weaving throughout the event was a bit of wit and Yorkshire Grit.

Proud of my Yorkshire roots and mindful that I have a good dose of Yorkshire Grit engrained in me – on reflection, it comes in handy in life!

The NPWLive event was inspiring and worthwhile. Like the best of events, it’s not over when it’s over – thought-provoking stories can leave lasting powerful memories.

Norther Power Women Literature

There were also, of course, the additional benefits of – great value for money; the general friendliness of ‘Yorkshire folk’ you meet including the parking attendants ‘Ello Luv’. Moreover, I didn’t get lost on the inner city roads this time – I only had to ask the way once 😉.

Final thoughts – the power of story-telling and that resilience and a sense of humour can get you through the ‘knocks’ in life to bounce back, speak out, make things happen and inspire others. Think big!

by Dr Julie Charlesworth

Further information and links

Yorkshire Grit: Yorkshire people are often noted for their grit, determination and natural resilience; as well as their warmth and friendliness.

For more about the Northern Power House, click here

For more about Northern Power Women and the event in Leeds, click here

Celebrating Inspiring Women at Manchester

With Dr Joanna Denbigh‏ and panelist Dr Pat Troop CBE

With Dr Joanna Denbigh‏ and panelist Dr Pat Troop CBE

I was thrilled to have been invited to the ‘Celebrating Inspiring Women at Manchester’ event on International Women’s Day, 8th March 2017. The informal discussions touched on some interesting questions in Life Sciences, public health and communications. It was also a great opportunity to meet and mingle with women (and men) to reflect on progress made and the challenges ahead for everyone!

More about this and other interesting perspectives to be found here

Dr Julie Charlesworth