Glimmers of hope.

More reflections and a glimmer of hope. Sometimes you return years later and see different things with new perspectives.

Rainbow waterfall UK
Woodland walk Cheshire UK April 2024.

I captured these moments on photos I took just this week. A rainbow waterfall is a natural phenomenon that can occur when sunlight interacts with water droplets in a waterfall.

(This was a return to a bluebell woodland walk visited at this time 5 years ago.)
The bluebells are as glorious as ever at this time of year in the UK.

Same place:Photos taken 5 years ago.

The beauties of Nature in springtime are soothing, inspiring, and free.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 26/04/24

Science is for everyone, and the language of science is spreading.

This became increasingly apparent during the Covid-19 pandemic. More people showed they were interested in science. I think this had a good effect on scientific understanding and curiosity generally. Here’s a piece I penned in poetic verse about how the language of science is spreading with a few thoughts to ponder:


Science is for everyone!
Chat show hosts are doing it
Businesses are doing it
It seems everyone is doing it…

Speaking the language of science.

‘It’s in our DNA’
‘It’s in my genes’
‘And the DNA test shows…’

There are levels of understanding.
And a good scientist
recognises their own limits.
Other good people
Should do too.
And many people do.

So, is it DNA?
Or deoxyribonucleic acid?
(It can be) either
Or both.
But DNA can be used
to portray a concept.
Or a molecular composition
With a structure and function.
And about which there is still much to learn.

In recent times
New words are becoming
Part of the vocabulary.
R factor, RNA, Antibodies, Antigens.
And there are more words to come.
Politicians, the media, and generally,
It seems everyone is doing it.

Speaking the language of science.

Communication is key.
Speaking a new language
Can be challenging,
And also stimulating.
No-one can know everything.
But spreading understanding is important.
The language of science is spreading.
Go ahead and choose it
But be careful how you use it.

Because…science is for everyone!

©Julie Charlesworth, 2024


Science, medical, and health communications are important.

Scientific understanding is important because knowledge and understanding help us to make informed decisions – both individually and collectively.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 18/03/24

Mother’s Day: A few thoughts and reflections.

Happy Mother’s Day to all past and present.

A mother’s hug lasts long after she lets go.

Her legacies also live on sometimes as family traditions and perhaps more importantly as values in life.

My mum lived to a good age – 89 years. I think we sometimes forget the many facets of our mothers as individuals themselves. In Mum’s case I have many stories and anecdotes to pass on.

This year Mother’s Day follows swiftly from International Women’s Day and I thought I’d share this link to a snippet of childhood memories of my working mum and on reflection an example of the influence of working mothers.

So, it’s good to remember Mother’s Day and cherish your mother or the fond memories you have.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 10/03/24


[Mother’s Day 10th March 2024 in the UK or other dates elsewhere]

International Women’s Day.

The UN has announced the theme for International Women’s Day (IWD) on 8 March 2024 as ‘Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress’.

In the run up to IWD I reflected on IWD 2023 when I was out and about at various events relating to IWD globally and locally. See my photos from 2023.

IWD Global and local events

This year I’m staying close to home. I’d like to say how grateful I am to have daughters, a daughter-in-law, and granddaughters. I am very proud of them all. (I am of course very proud of all the male family members as well and their love and respect for women and girls).

IWD is about the girls ❤️ and girls at heart ❤️.

For IWD 2024 I will be supporting and cheering on other people who are out celebrating and actively participating in many different ways to promote and support women’s causes.

Happy IWD and beyond to everyone out there 🌍.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 04/03/24

Looking forward whilst reflecting on beautiful, uplifting, and magical moments.

Being kind in business as well as in life generally is important.
You never know what someone is going through.

If the recent past is too painful and raw, we may not feel ready to share an experience widely; we can choose not to. It may be too soon. We sometimes yearn to understand and learn from a cruel blow in life or a terrible experience. Meanwhile, the sadness may feel profound and surreal.
Whilst being keen to move forward I have found that reflecting on other moments from the more distant past can lift the spirit and help me through the most difficult times until I am hopefully able to see it all with a broader perspective.
‘A picture says a thousand words’ and may mean different things to different people but to me this image feels serene and hopeful.

Galapagos flamingos reflection.
 [This is a photo taken 20 years ago on our memorable exploration of the Galápagos Islands]
Looking forward to the future and reflecting on the good memories of the past.


by Dr Julie Charlesworth 27/02/24


The Winter Collection.

Back to the here and now: some of my snapshots taken in January and February 2024 close to home.

Collage of photos UK in the winter 2024

I am a northerner in the UK. Here ‘up North’ Snowdrops are hardy winter flowers seen blooming as early as January and February; even pushing through frozen, snow-covered ground. A sign that Spring will be coming again with new beginnings, rebirth, and hope.

Snowdrops are a joy to behold!

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 20/02/24

Love is in the air.

Here are some moments on film from our visit to the Galápagos Islands 20years ago…

Blue Footed Boobies are also famed for their courtship and dance.

Happy Valentine’s Day on February 14th.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 14/02/24

[Another meme I prepared using my photos from that adventure]

Know your audience: you may be surprised.

A curious scene I captured on film during our visit to the Galápagos Islands 20years ago…

Galapagos creatures meme

[Another meme I prepared using another one of my photos from that adventure.]

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 05/02/24

Adventure, forward-facing, and looking beyond.

More moments on film from our visit to the Galapagos 20years ago…

Galapagos Hawk Meme

[Another meme I prepared using my photos from that adventure.]

Sometimes you have to look beyond to really see and understand what is in front of you.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 29/01/24

An inspiring adventure and taking a chance…

I am very glad Hubby and I visited the Galápagos Islands when we did – 20years ago this month! It was truly inspirational and we captured some special moments on film.

JDC GalapagosTortoise meme

[I prepared this meme using my photos from that adventure.]

There will be more surprises to come 😊…

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 22/01/24