Some happy surprises for Weekend 3 Lockdown 3

It was almost Weekend 3 of Lockdown 3 here in the UK.

The 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century, however, brought a surprise visitor to the garden which lightened the mood a little amidst all the ‘doom and gloom’. (It also reminded me of another surprise in the previous lockdown.)

[Photos: Goldcrest ‘smallest bird in Britain and Ireland; 9cm from head to tail’ surprise garden visit, 21 January 2021. Ruby Wedding Roses still blooming in Lockdown 2 with the surprise appearance of clusters of fresh daisies (November 2020)]

Saturday of Weekend 3, Lockdown 3 and even more surprises…

I woke up on the Saturday morning to a snowfall surprise ❄️😊.
(This was particularly welcome after the unfortunate surprise power cut the night before).

So, with the music turned up loud, I made the most of it with a suitable soundtrack! A few hours later, after my ‘exercise’ in the fresh air (i.e., building snowmen in the garden), I took a few more photos.

Result – 2 more ‘visitors’ to the garden and a little post to lighten the mood 😉.

[Snow surprises in my garden in Lockdown 3]

I built the snowmen at the weekend for fun to show my young grandchildren (and grown-up ‘kids’) being separated from them all. I got a bit playful and saw there was a message to share more widely😉. We all need some fun.

Here’s to much-needed happy surprises.

Stay safe, stay strong.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 24/1/21