The Funny Onion

To those who ‘know their onions’. If someone says you know your onions, it means you are experienced in something or you know a lot about a particular subject. Of course, we should take our work seriously but maybe we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously.

And on that note for the weekend I’ve written this very silly short rhyme.


There was a funny onion 🧅
Whose life felt less appealing
They say I smell.
I make them cry 😢
Bring them to tears.
I don’t know why.

Noses running,
Eyes smarting.
Windy bellies,
Someone’s starting ;)
Who did that?
‘More tea, Vicar?’ ☕️

To the silliest rhymes
In the strangest times.
Let’s bring out the funny ones.
High five to gaffes and lots of laughs
🖐 😂
To those who know their onions.

🧅 🧅 🧅

©Julie Charlesworth, 2020

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 18/9/20