‘tis the Merry Month of May.

Whilst we are in a serious situation and there is much serious science to be done, it’s OK and good to still have some much-needed fun as well, occasionally. On that note I think that sometimes it helps to lighten up in some communications. And so, I have written this poem and here goes …


There’s a rumour in the room
We need some humour
In all this gloom.

Comedians. comediennes.
Singalong chameleons.
Thank you for the jokes,

So, here’s to all the humorists.
Here’s to Funny Turns – and Twists.
Add some humour
Make a bloomer
Help us through this fix.

Let’s have some fun
Make a pun (or two).
Professionals or just some natural Witt,
Wise owl types who know a bit
To wit – (to woo). 🦉 🦉

Here’s to being somewhat silly.
To getting dafter
Belly laughter 😂
Not too naughty please – oops willy nilly.
Silly billy.

Time to lighten up at times
In or out of silly rhymes.
It’s been a while
So, let’s begin.
With a little smile 😊
Then a great big grin! 😆

A chuckle, a wriggle.
A cheeky giggle. 🤭
To happy times in hard times.
To silly rhymes in strange times

©Julie Charlesworth, 2020

A silly poem written by me in ‘lockdown’

Take care and stay safe.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 28/4/20