To the freelancers in life and science.

To the freelancers in life and science. I know there will be free-thinking, flexible freelancers ready and raring to go. In these strange times you may be just what is needed! Dear Freelancers, I have written this poem for you:

Dear Freelancers,

To all my friends in freelancing,
Through tough times and rough times,
You’ve all ‘had enough’ times.
The world needs independents too
To tell it like it is!

Show your passion for the subject
Because you truly care.
Freedom matters to you.
Work on what you want to
And work from anywhere.

You can still live your dream!
Work on your own
or in a team.
There should be opportunities
So, don’t despair.

Time past you may have been employed
And may prefer that choice.
Or even choose a different way.
Go in and out
Move back and forth.
It’s all OK!

Remember when you’re working hard,
Take time for you …
and rest.
Take your learning forward
and contribute your best.

And so, a message for today:
You’re not alone at all
But you can choose to do it all
In your very own way.

©Julie Charlesworth, 2020

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 28/4/20