Uplifting posts on parental joy!

Parental joy! I find it uplifting to see the recent posts of pride from many mums and dads – the love is palpable. Graduations, weddings, and birthdays. Simply and very importantly family holiday time. These aspects of life, work, and play – create memories, and perspectives of parental joy whether from our own parents or for our offspring.

I am grateful to have had all these occasions to celebrate over the years being a mum of 3 grown up ‘kids’. Proud of all their high academic, professional and career achievements of course. Happy to see them finding love and over recent years their weddings. Most of all I am proud that they have grown up to be lovely human beings with good values. Some of those values I recognise, and I hope I have passed on from my own parents. Do not underestimate the intelligence and values of the smart working class. I think it is important to remember your roots, pass on the stories, the values, and the love.

None of this is taken for granted because there are many ups and downs for everyone. My parents were proud of me too. I feel thankful and full of gratitude to be a proud mum of 3 and a very happy grandma of wonderful grandchildren.

Thinking of parental joy whether as parents ourselves or as sons and daughters of parents (current or passed).

Enjoy the celebrations, and memories with family (whatever that means to you, and whoever and however you want to celebrate).

Remember your roots and values.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 11/8/22