‘A Hug’, a new poem for a summer in strange times.

Just for a change I thought I’d post something a little different.
This is a new poem that I have just written.


A hug
That means so much.
A touch that softly sparks a gentle flame,
Rekindling the embers.
Generating warmth.
A glow.

Behold I am alive.
My weeping, yearning soul is calmed
And I can breathe again.

©Julie Charlesworth, 2020

Here’s to love and laughter. Take care. Stay safe.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 30/07/20

Plans confounded? Try a different approach, maybe.

Have you been feeling confounded? There may be different approaches to consider when your original plans are thwarted.


Well, that was it then.
All my plans,
Everything up in the air!
Except of course the planes.
They were grounded.

And I was a bit confounded!

©Julie Charlesworth, 2020

But not for long. As many people have found, and can still find, there are different ways to ‘meet up’or celebrate.
And we will rise again – literally, figuratively or metaphorically.

Ruby Wedding in lockdown

Ruby Wedding in Lockdown

The photos show how Hubby and I spent our special anniversary in lockdown earlier in the month – in a tent in our back garden with fish ‘n’ chips and Prosecco. Not quite what we had planned but very different and so much fun 😂.

The tent is the present from me to Hubby.
I knew he’d love it – but 😬 wondering now what I have committed myself to 😂.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 25/6/20

Science and uncertainty – some thoughts.

People are looking to scientists for answers, and scientists are working all-out to provide solutions to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. I think it is timely to put this in perspective and consider aspects of how science works. Notwithstanding that absolute certainty cannot necessarily be achieved, scientists aim to facilitate evidence-based decisions. A few thoughts are captured in a short piece I have written in verse.


People seek answers
And often crave certainty,
Maybe more so in difficult times.

Maybe we cannot always
Know everything.
It is good to acknowledge that.

And that is a scientific approach.

Scientists seek evidence.
Test hypotheses.
Are prepared to change
Their opinions,
In the light of new evidence…

They may propose new hypotheses
Seek evidence
And so it goes…

On the way,
Science may develop products
Or deeper understanding.
Either of these or both together
Are worthy aims and outcomes.

Research often brings surprises,
Which may prove to be
Even more important
Than the original notion.

Curiosity is a driver.
Tenacity and persistence are necessary.
Collaboration helps.
Openness is better for all.

Uncertainty is accepted.
Integrity is key.

©Julie Charlesworth, 2020

A little piece I have written in ‘lockdown’
Take care and stay safe.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 17/5/20

Thinking time for Earthlings as we look ahead.

Are you looking forward to more time in the open air? It seems that lockdown is being relaxed in some places and we can prepare for some easing of restrictions. Perhaps these strange times have allowed us time-out for some reflection so that we can look forward with a clear head and think about how we ‘could do better’ for our wonderful world. I have written a poem to capture that feeling.

Looking ahead


Naughty Earthlings 🌍 🌎
You’ve really done it now.
To your rooms.

You’re grounded!

So, I’m sitting on the naughty step
Wondering what I’ve done.
Take time to have a think,
I think.

People rushing round too reckless,
Feckless and heedless.
Perhaps we all just need less.
Hmm 🤔

Waste in haste
And you’ll get your just deserts.
You can’t have a pudding
‘til you’ve finished your dinner.
Not everyone’s a winner.
Life isn’t always fair.
Don’t take all the sweeties.
You’ve got to share!

Be kind to other people.
Be mindful of what’s right.

We’re sitting on the naughty steps
Wondering what we’ve done.
Take time to have a think, me thinks
Me, you and everyone

©Julie Charlesworth, 2020

A little poem written by me in ‘lockdown’

Take care and stay safe.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth

Photos taken by me – from the garden.

Ducks in a road and life goes on.

Getting your ducks in a road? I am making plans as well as getting my ducks in a road. Are you making plans ‘getting your ducks in a row’? Or are you just going with the flow?

Ducks in a road, May 2020.

Either way as in this new poem (by me) for the young at heart – let’s remember – life goes on…


Woke up this morning
And before 8 o’clock,
Looked out the window and what did I see?
2 ducks a-parking by a parking space.

I quickly stepped outside the door
And saw there were more…

Another on the pavement.
Another on the road.
Count them altogether…

That makes four.

The first are a couple
Who visit every year.
This time they called some friends
With the message, ‘It’s all clear!’.

‘Parking time is up,
So we’re moving on.
But we’ll soon be back,
With a waddle and a quack.
Singing our new song…’

All together now
Let’s all sing along
There are …

‘Ducks in a road and life goes on’.

©Julie Charlesworth, 2020

A little poem written by me in ‘lockdown’
🦆 🦆 🦆 🦆
Take care and stay safe.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth

Photos taken by me – just down the road.

Hairdos in Lockdown – time for a new look?

Is it time for a new image and a new look?


The Corona Lockdown Look.
What will it be?

Rags and rollers
Ringlets and curls
Plaits or bobs
(Your uncle)?

Give us a twirl.
Short back and sides,

Or try – the brave new hairdos:

The mum-cut, the dad-cut
A glum cut, a glad cut
A crooked fringe
That’s far too short!
Oi – don’t whinge!
Cut it short!
Enough is enough – well, fair-do’s

For those with shades of grey
Well – we won’t go there ;)
Salt and pepper
You look dapper.
Backcomb a bouffant.
Where did that come from?

Highlights of the day.
A new look,
An old look.
A wrap it in a scarf – with sunglasses look 😎
Plastic rain hoods – remember them? 🌧
Old-time lads and lasses
How time passes.

Straighten or wave it.
Thinning?- Shave it!
Skinhead or punk style.
Define yourself like that style.
Perm it,
Or Put it up.
Ponytail or bun it up.

A little bit of this,
A little bit of that.
If it all goes wrong
You can put on a hat!

Really? Do you like yourself like that? ;)
©Julie Charlesworth, 2020

A poem to amuse, written by me in ‘lockdown’

Take care and stay safe.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth

‘tis the Merry Month of May.

Whilst we are in a serious situation and there is much serious science to be done, it’s OK and good to still have some much-needed fun as well, occasionally. On that note I think that sometimes it helps to lighten up in some communications. And so, I have written this poem and here goes …


There’s a rumour in the room
We need some humour
In all this gloom.

Comedians. comediennes.
Singalong chameleons.
Thank you for the jokes,

So, here’s to all the humorists.
Here’s to Funny Turns – and Twists.
Add some humour
Make a bloomer
Help us through this fix.

Let’s have some fun
Make a pun (or two).
Professionals or just some natural Witt,
Wise owl types who know a bit
To wit – (to woo). 🦉 🦉

Here’s to being somewhat silly.
To getting dafter
Belly laughter 😂
Not too naughty please – oops willy nilly.
Silly billy.

Time to lighten up at times
In or out of silly rhymes.
It’s been a while
So, let’s begin.
With a little smile 😊
Then a great big grin! 😆

A chuckle, a wriggle.
A cheeky giggle. 🤭
To happy times in hard times.
To silly rhymes in strange times

©Julie Charlesworth, 2020

A silly poem written by me in ‘lockdown’

Take care and stay safe.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth

To the freelancers in life and science.

To the freelancers in life and science. I know there will be free-thinking, flexible freelancers ready and raring to go. In these strange times you may be just what is needed! Dear Freelancers, I have written this poem for you:

Dear Freelancers,

To all my friends in freelancing,
Through tough times and rough times,
You’ve all ‘had enough’ times.
The world needs independents too
To tell it like it is!

Show your passion for the subject
Because you truly care.
Freedom matters to you.
Work on what you want to
And work from anywhere.

You can still live your dream!
Work on your own
or in a team.
There should be opportunities
So, don’t despair.

Time past you may have been employed
And may prefer that choice.
Or even choose a different way.
Go in and out
Move back and forth.
It’s all OK!

Remember when you’re working hard,
Take time for you …
and rest.
Take your learning forward
and contribute your best.

And so, a message for today:
You’re not alone at all
But you can choose to do it all
In your very own way.

©Julie Charlesworth, 2020

by Dr Julie Charlesworth

Pandemic Pandemonium© A Poem.

I have just written this poem and I would like to share it with you. Its theme is frustration and fighting back.


RNA in a fatty sphere with protein spikes.
How dare you!
You are not even life as we define it.
Just a molecule in a coat.
You are brainless. Mindless.

Yet you come into our lives, into our beings.
Driven to replicate, burst forth,
To perpetuate and spread.
Wreaking disease and devastations,
Isolations or even death.

You caught so many people unaware.
You broke hearts and spirit for a while.
But you cannot last for very long without a host.
We are unwilling hosts!

We are rising together
We will find your weakness.
We are coming for you – Now!

©Julie Charlesworth, 2020

by Dr Julie Charlesworth

It Was The Strangest Weekend ©

I have written this short poem about weekends in times of the corona virus pandemic including a most unusual Easter and holiday weekend, and probably many more strange weekends to come.
The title is ‘It was the strangest weekend’. Take care. Stay safe and support each other.


The holiday that wasn’t.
The meet-up that didn’t.
The weekend that was

The touch that couldn’t.
Words that wouldn’t.
Feelings that waned
Or gained.

The hush.
Press pause, refresh

Hope brings hope.
The strange weekend that did

Thoughtful, good change.

© Julie Charlesworth, 2020

by Dr Julie Charlesworth

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