Looking forward whilst reflecting on beautiful, uplifting, and magical moments.

Being kind in business as well as in life generally is important.
You never know what someone is going through.

If the recent past is too painful and raw, we may not feel ready to share an experience widely; we can choose not to. It may be too soon. We sometimes yearn to understand and learn from a cruel blow in life or a terrible experience. Meanwhile, the sadness may feel profound and surreal.
Whilst being keen to move forward I have found that reflecting on other moments from the more distant past can lift the spirit and help me through the most difficult times until I am hopefully able to see it all with a broader perspective.
‘A picture says a thousand words’ and may mean different things to different people but to me this image feels serene and hopeful.

Galapagos flamingos reflection.
 [This is a photo taken 20 years ago on our memorable exploration of the Galápagos Islands]
Looking forward to the future and reflecting on the good memories of the past.


by Dr Julie Charlesworth 27/02/24