A message on Results Day for the 18 year olds.

It happened to me at 18y old. Thinking of those students who might miss their predicted grades for this year’s A levels etc. It has happened and will happen to many others too and they went on or will go on nevertheless to achieve high academic achievements, other successes, and happiness.

Congratulations to those who are delighted with their results today – celebrate and be proud. To those who are disappointed – be aware that most successful people have a blip or a few blips along the way. Don’t panic – you’ll learn a lot from this. Have the tenacity to try and get what you want most at the moment, and have a plan B. Sometimes a different choice proves to be even better in hindsight. It will seem like a momentous day for many teenagers and parents. Take care, see the broader perspective, and keep positive. There will be many opportunities ahead!

I am thankful to Manchester University for taking a chance on me many years ago. It turned out to be the best choice for me!

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 18/8/22