A Tree of Life Sciences®: Consistency and a few surprises to come…

This is a quick and timely synopsis about A Tree of Life Sciences® to inform new connections, and to act as a quick reminder and an update for those already familiar with the company.

When I set up A Tree of Life Sciences Ltd some years ago, I created the name and designed the logo, myself. On reflection, I made the right decision particularly in view of the huge interest in life sciences and the research and endeavours that are being undertaken these days. I am very proud of the name and the logo which are registered trademarks (I protect them whenever necessary). My ideas are ‘often imitated but never equalled’ 😉.

Logo | A Tree of Life Sciences Ltd

Through these themes, I can continue to contribute to my mission to Inform, Improve and Inspire particularly in Life Sciences and health research; but also, in life and sciences more generally.

The website covers the potential scope of the company – the focus evolves and changes from time to time but the purpose remains clear and consistent.

Features include:

• Transcending borders and boundaries in subject and scope.

• Global, national, and local projects or perspectives.

• Project consultancy and communications including Life Sciences, Clinical and Health Research.

What a great time to be involved in research and communications!

Science is important, exciting and sometimes surprising. Scientists are serious about their work and often playful too.

My communications include papers, posts, and poems. The subjects are serious with a creative flair.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 28/02/23