Allegories in Life. Pause. Reflect. Reset. Refresh!

I was born and bred in Yorkshire but ‘Made in Manchester’ and still with very strong links there. I settled in leafy Cheshire, a move prompted by my first job with ICI; but I stayed in the area after leaving Big Pharma.
Here are some lovely new photos taken last week in France.

Photos of  Views  in  Nice France

All is not always what it seems!
The purpose of that visit was to check on repairs after water damage to our French property – a getaway where we’d hoped to spend more time (I can work from anywhere or at this stage I can choose to pause.) 
I have had 3 busy, productive months in Q1 of 2023. However, like many people I have suffered several episodes of the ‘dreaded lurgy’ for example, a lingering sore throat, blocked or runny nose, and persistent coughs. This was probably due to mixing more.
I’ve had to make judgements on which meetings to attend in person. Persistent coughing is inappropriate in person and also online. I had to make decisions who to visit – even with negative covid tests I didn’t want to be spreading any nasty infections to vulnerable elderly relatives (missed a big party!)
Anyway, on arrival at my idyllic getaway in France the repairs had been done but the walls and shelves were bare and all the electrical devices, TV, internet etc. needed to be reconnected. There was a lot of work to be done and thankfully, my hubby took care of most of it. He has his uses 😉.
I decided to try and relax and catch up on some sleep.
So, there you go some beautiful uplifting views to share. I’ll return to enjoy the experience another time. 
Meanwhile, for now I’m back in leafy Cheshire having taken a dose of my own medicine – relax and catch up on quality sleep. As I say to others it’s about pacing yourself and taking notice of signals from your inner self. 
With the benefit of thinking time, I am grateful that I still have much to say and do in life, science, causes close to my heart, and especially my family. 
I have often ‘overdone it’ earlier in my career but now pace myself better.

Onwards and upwards.

Pause, reflect, reset, and refresh!

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 18/04/23