Covid-19 Vaccination: a personal perspective.

My key message is that this is A Super-Efficient Experience!

On receipt of my invitation from the NHS I logged on to the appointment link provided. Of the nearby options offered my choice had to be Alderley Park, of course. (Having previously worked for AZ for 20+ years on this site it seemed fitting.)

Vaccination at Alderley Park

The vaccination process was efficient, professional and friendly.

A high five to NHS staff, volunteers and everyone involved.


Please allow me a short digression here for a touch of nostalgia and more about Alderley Park.

Notably, the history includes involvement and important contributions to international research as the location ‘for ICI and latterly for AstraZeneca (after ICI Pharmaceuticals became Zeneca Pharmaceuticals in 1993)’
In 2013, ‘AstraZeneca announced plans to cease R&D work at Alderley Park.’ Although relocated over subsequent years some AZ non-R&D work continued here.
In 2014, ‘Alderley Park was purchased by Manchester Science Parks’ leading to subsequent redevelopment.

For some interesting history of Alderley Park and also for more about Alderley Park today you can find further information in links below.

Recent covid-related news:

In 2020, Alderley Park was in the news for its role as a Lighthouse Lab with an ability to accurately process thousands of Covid tests a day.

February 17th, 2021 was a key date in the commencement of NHS covid-19 vaccination at Alderley Park, now also an NHS Covid-19 vaccination centre!

In conclusion, today, I have a feeling of gratitude and also a touch of nostalgia*.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 17/2/21

[*nostalgia ain’t what it used to be 😉 – sorry I couldn’t resist that joke]

Links for further information:

For some interesting history of Alderley Park here:

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