From down to earth roots to salad teas

This is a post for the weekend on the theme of positive surprises for January 2021.

Garden Beetroot to salad

And so, for something more ‘down to earth’, back to the garden in Lockdown 1 (2020) when I surprised myself with home grown beetroot.

My dad would have been proud of me for this, and also very surprised. (The salad is a tribute to my mum’s salad teas every weekend whatever the season!). My parents died years ago but their influence of course, is strong.

I am proud of my smart working-class roots and values that have stood me in good stead. Indeed, a dose of Yorkshire grit has greatly helped! I have much to be grateful to them for. I now understand their wise words that I didn’t perhaps fully appreciate at the time and I can chuckle at some of their quirkier expressions and stories.

Be true to yourself.

To warm memories and simple pleasures.

Stay safe, stay strong.

(and you could even beetroot to yourself as well 😉)

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 30/1/21