Great choice of opening lecture at the Autumn EMWA Conference!

What a great choice of Lecture to start the EMWA conference in Cascais, Portugal!

On November 2nd, 2017 – 133 medical writers and aspiring medical writers gathered to hear an excellent lecture on the use of viruses against antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Fascinating science. The potential use of bacteriophages is an important and timely topic in view of the threat of antibiotic resistance to public health. New approaches present challenges to regulatory frameworks to ensure patient benefits. This brings challenges for medical writers who have an important role in helping new approaches get critically evaluated and available fast.

On a general note, the atmosphere at the conference was stimulating and friendly – with a diverse range of attendees (214) from Europe and beyond – from newcomers to some very experienced professionals all there to learn and continue learning together, and share experience. Whilst there is so much information available elsewhere nowadays – these face-to-face interactions definitely have a very valuable place as well.

It was great to be catching up with colleagues and friends; also meeting new people with much to offer. Of course, there is the bonus of engaging in enjoyable and stimulating impromptu debates at breakfast and coffee times!

by Dr Julie Charlesworth

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