Holidays: The best laid plans don’t always get off the ground!

Life is an adventure. Overall, I am enjoying the journey but just now the road is a bit rocky.

I am thinking of those people whose summer holidays are coming to a close and the many who are returning to work etc. Others are still on holiday, maybe even stranded abroad for now. Some will be about to have their holidays. There will be many stories. Many people like me were affected by the UK air travel issues on August 28th. My summer break literally never got off the ground this time.

I decided to return home after a day at the airport. On the other hand, my luggage is having an adventure of its own!
There will be sad stories and even funny stories from different people in different situations. At the airport, naturally there were many frustrated travellers. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the feeling of togetherness and sense humour of many people in the face of adversity.
I did have some reservations about being away this time and so on the plus side I get to spend time with family members who may be appreciative of support now.
Sometimes we don’t know who is having a tough time – always try to be kind.

Life happens! Even the best laid plans don’t always get off the ground.
Look for the light. Stay positive!


by Dr Julie Charlesworth 01/09/23