‘It’s a wrap!’ ESOF 2018

‘It’s a wrap!’ ESOF 2018 was a truly inspiring and uplifting experience!!
I’d like to share my overall experience with you, through a compilation of a few more of my snapshots.

ESOF 2018 overview

The EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF 2018) was very timely because it put SCIENCE and EUROPE in the spotlight with a motto of ‘sharing science towards new horizons’.

There were more than 4000 participants ( >25% under 35); coming from 93 countries with 107 nationalities represented.

Central to the event was a full week of programmes, jam-packed with intellectually stimulating and thought-provoking sessions: excellent keynotes, a plethora of diverse presentations, panel sessions, workshops etc. Three key themes were SCIENCE, BUSINESS, and CAREERS. Alongside these programmes there were exhibition stands and posters to discuss. Throughout the week there were plenty of networking opportunities with speakers, scientists, policy makers and other participants.

Having media accreditation, I also had access to the Press Room and of course I voiced many questions in the press conferences.

In addition to all the hard work there was a programme of social events culminating in the ESOF Party at the Cité de l’espace – a fitting setting to celebrate the joy of scientific discovery with serious science, fun science and humour. An uplifting 🚀 experience!

Over the summer, I have already started writing on particular topics and new ideas – there will be more to come …

Overall, just to say it was all about exploring new subjects, feeling the pulse of current issues and exciting developments; questioning, sharing ideas and communicating back to wider ‘audiences’. It’s about developing understanding on a range of new topics and across disciplines and making new friends.


by Dr Julie Charlesworth 18.9.2018