Manchester Cancer Research Centre Preview, June 16th 2015

A Tree of Life Sciences Director, Dr Julie Charlesworth was invited to attend the preview of the opening of the new Manchester Cancer Research Centre (MCRC).

The event hosted a group of about 50 ‘supporters’ (including Alumni and donors).

The evening began with an opportunity to mingle and meet supporters, MCRC representatives including members of the strategy and steering boards, and also research workers. The ‘preview’ began with an introduction by Dr Nigel Brooks and presentations by Professor Nic Jones and Professor Sir Salvador Moncada. The presentations were followed by guided tours of the new building and facilities; including talks and demonstrations by current post-doctoral researchers. There was an opportunity to actually participate in some ‘lab work’. The event closed with refreshments and some informal time to catch up with former colleagues and current researchers.

Julie says, “it is an exciting time in cancer research and this initiative is a fantastic example in a new era of collaborations in research”.  “A big thank you to the organisers for an inspirational event and for the opportunity to attend such a special occasion”.

The concept of ‘superior science, education and patient care through collaboration’ (Manchester University, the Christie NHS Foundation Trust and Cancer Research UK independent cancer research charity) is inspiring. ‘Personalised medicine’ at last seems an achievable objective and the science is fascinating.

More to follow ……..