Reconnecting with the PSA.

Why was the Professional Speaking Association (PSA) Spring Conference something worth coming back for?

PSA Summit April 2023

My main purpose was to reconnect in person with many speakers and friends who I have known for years but rarely see these days (since C19). Many attendees from several regions would be in one place on the same day. With people and subjects heartfelt and a location close to my heart and near home – this time it was central Manchester for the Spring Conference. What’s not to like 👍.

It did not disappoint. Indeed, it surpassed my expectations on many levels!

The coverage of interesting serious subjects, emotional stories; diverse perspectives and different opinions are always a refreshing change. Tips were shared. Some good people came together with a common interest – SPEAKING. As a group or individually speakers are openly or quietly supporting each other.

I think professional speakers with this role as a main source of income were particularly impacted by the covid restrictions; many adapted but it was (and still is) a challenging time.

I am glad I attended this event in person. There were many familiar faces and several people who I know and like. I was astounded by how many people still recognised and remembered me (I have been quiet for a while in this area).

Great speakers, table talks with experts and a fantastic uplifting vibe. Lots of new faces, networking, and new connections to be made. Serious discussions. Nonetheless, so much fun and laughter too.

Travelling in and out of Manchester by train again – credit where credit is due this was another positive train experience for me.

As always there was lots to learn and to open the mind. I am sure there will be many posts about this day. A well-spent Saturday!

For now, just to say thank you to the PSA for a great event and to wish everyone all the best. There will of course be follow-ups as well 😊.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 24/04/23

Looking Beyond in the lull before the New Year.

By looking beyond, I find I am often better able to understand and communicate what is in front of me. This could be my mantra 😊😉.

I am just popping in here to wish you well in this quiet period – the lull before the New Year.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 27/12/22


[NB. I will shortly be sharing some thoughts and posts on some ‘beyond’ topics on which I am qualified to report and comment on more generally…

Of course I will continue to share and contribute in my specialist areas of Life Sciences, Clinical and Health Research]

University Foundation Day Celebrations 2022: an uplifting occasion.

I was delighted to accept an invitation from the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor of Manchester University to attend the Foundation Day Celebrations 2022. It was a particularly special occasion because the ceremony included the installation of the new Chancellor, Nazir Afzal OBE.

The Chancellor is the University’s ceremonial head and also one of its most prominent ambassadors.

Foundation Day 2022 manchester University

Foundation Day 2022 was an uplifting experience. Notably, it was a time to reflect on the achievements of students in these difficult times and to hear about the aspirations of the university for the future.

Nazir Afzal delivered powerful words in his speech. It is a time to look forward and I wish him a successful and enjoyable 7 years in the role.

Thank you to Manchester University.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 12/10/22

Jubilee, Tree Time and right on cue. A little poem…


Extra free time.
It’s tree time.
At teatime,
A bit of family and me time.
©Julie Charlesworth, 2022

Why not ‘plant a tree for the Jubilee’?

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 29/5/22

[On cue* – a collage of snapshots I took of Trees in Kew Gardens a few years back and included in a post here in 2017. Must go again soon!]
*pun intended 😊

A season for new beginnings.

It is a season for new beginnings and here again this year, our little feathered friends have returned to nest in the bird house. Meanwhile, the garden is bright with the vibrant colours of rhododendrons 😊.

Garden birds and flowers

[I took the bird snapshot after waiting patiently at a distance from inside the garden room of my ‘human’ house – so as not to disturb these regular visitors. They seem happy to return to the simple, safe accommodation we provided.]

I am feeling appreciative of some of the simple joys of nature close to home.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 22/5/22

Happy International Clinical Trials Day!

It is International Clinical Trials Day – so just a few words to say there is much to celebrate in this area, particularly today! Thinking about the achievements resulting from clinical research.

– Thankful to all the people involved in clinical trials, particularly participants.

– Appreciating the dedicated work of professionals conducting and monitoring clinical trials; people researching new methods; researchers collaborating internationally.

– Pausing to reflect on the value of international clinical trials past and present.

Thinking about the future…

In the fields of clinical trial design, conduct, and reporting – we should celebrate the good and be critical of the bad/flawed. We need to continually seek to improve efficiency and standards.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 20/5/22

[This date in May is chosen because it also ‘commemorates the day when James Lind started his famous clinical trial on scurvy in 1747, May 20th, and laid the foundation for modern clinical research.’]

MedComms, international medical publication professionals and medical writers.

Great to see MedComms, international medical publication professionals and medical writers engaging within their communities in conversations and discussions on what there is to be learned from the covid pandemic years. People have been working very hard in these fields. There is also much work to be done!

We should look positively to the future. Time to get on with making it a better future.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 12/5/22

[Link to message early in the pandemic]

Proud of my registered company name and logo.

A Tree of Life Sciences®. I am proud of my registered company name and logo which I protect whenever necessary.

Logo | A Tree of Life Sciences Ltd
Through these themes I can continue to contribute to my mission to Inform, Improve and Inspire particularly in Life Sciences and health research; but also, in life and sciences more generally. My communications include papers, post, and poems.

Transcending borders and boundaries in subject and scope.

Global, national, and local projects or perspectives.

Project consultancy and communications. Life Sciences, Clinical and Health Research.

What a great time to be involved in research and communications!

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 30/4/22

[Serious with a creative flair. There is also a distinctive business card for A Tree of Life Sciences® which has been in circulation internationally and locally for many years. It continues to uniquely capture the essence of my company, my work and mission. Still loving the colour too.]

Moods, perspectives and plans.

2/4/22. Life feels grey and gloomy particularly in the news, but here’s hoping there may be light and blue skies to come. To new horizons.

A photo I took on 2 April 2022, that captures a moment and a mood.
To brighter times and a better future.

17/4/2022. Looking forward to walking through a ‘sea’ of bluebells soon. Life doesn’t always go to plan and sometimes we must just try and make the best of a situation and use our imagination…

Bluebell woods and me
Photo taken in May 2019 in a bluebell wood near to home in the UK. That’s me in the photo enjoying a magical moment in Nature’s Garden and a spot of ‘tree bathing’.

Getting out in Nature and a good dose of fresh air can help.

I hope it’s going to plan for you and if not, perhaps change the plans to try and stay positive.
Take care.
Happy holidays!

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 17/4/22

26/4/22 Update.
Home Sweet Home! Finally, home after my original plans to be back in the UK with family for the holidays were thwarted by covid. It’s still around – we need to take care of ourselves and others; and behave responsibly. Proceeding with caution. Take care.