More publication news: PHIR and the place of theories

I am delighted with the news that another paper I am a co-author on has just been published (open access).
Publisher: Springer Nature
Journal: Trials

“Population health intervention research: the place of theories”
Authors: Graham Moore, Linda Cambon, Susan Michie, Pierre Arwidson, Grégory Ninot, Christine Ferron, Louise Potvin, Nadir Kellou, Julie Charlesworth, François Alla and Discussion Panel.

To access to this publication, click here

Involvement in this international collaborative project and open access publication is in keeping with my personal values, and those of A Tree of Life Sciences in “transcending borders and boundaries” in high value projects.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth

Moore et al. Trials (2019) 20:285

See also a previous post about different publication of which I am also a co-author:
Thabane et al. Trials (2019) 20:309