New variant, science and a little introspection in testing times.

Hi folks 👋. There is lots of great science being done and to be done. 

However, for the weekend, I thought some fresh and warmer perspectives might also come as a welcome change in such testing times. I took these photos last weekend to capture some positive non-work moments: venturing out down the road, appreciating the frosty garden at home, relaxing by the fireside, and doing a spot of knitting.

Fresh snow outside and cosy fireside and knitting indoors

Amidst all the turbulence thrown at us all, we can still take time out and choose to try to see some positives (hopefully without appearing smug). 

We can also choose to be kind because many people are suffering hardships and anxiety, and not always obviously so.

With regard to the latest covid-19 variant, we await further information, data collection, and evidence-based evaluation.

In times of uncertainty a little introspection can be a good thing sometimes.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 03/12/21