Plans confounded? Try a different approach, maybe.

Have you been feeling confounded? There may be different approaches to consider when your original plans are thwarted.


Well, that was it then.
All my plans,
Everything up in the air!
Except of course the planes.
They were grounded.

And I was a bit confounded!

©Julie Charlesworth, 2020

But not for long. As many people have found, and can still find, there are different ways to ‘meet up’or celebrate.
And we will rise again – literally, figuratively or metaphorically.

Ruby Wedding in lockdown

Ruby Wedding in Lockdown

The photos show how Hubby and I spent our special anniversary in lockdown earlier in the month – in a tent in our back garden with fish ‘n’ chips and Prosecco. Not quite what we had planned but very different and so much fun 😂.

The tent is the present from me to Hubby.
I knew he’d love it – but 😬 wondering now what I have committed myself to 😂.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 25/6/20