Some Pictures and Perspectives in the Autumn of the Pandemic

Here are some moments captured in photos I took during the first autumn of the Covid-19 pandemic. I’d also like to reflect on some thoughts I had in these moments.

Early October, 2020

Keeping things in perspective

There’s so much happening out there in the world, that sometimes, it is important to try to see things in perspective and also to try to get some peace and slumber, for our own sakes and well-being. My photos are of the sun setting in Nice, France, taken just days after raging storms. Here’s to peace and quiet at times and the ‘honey-heavy dew of slumber’ to carry us through the nights.

Sunset in Nice, France
[P.S as always no filters used – it’s the real thing! Sun setting as it happened, snap shots left to right.]

These photos brought some warmth, colour and perspective. A reminder to take time to pause, sleep and take care. Tomorrow another day begins, and some things may look different again. The simplest things in life give us the most pleasure.

Late October, 2020

Staying positive

I was serving 2 weeks of self-isolation in accordance with current rules. I was at home up North in the UK. Autumn brings warmth with rich tones of foliage in the garden. In the evening they contrast against the chilly grey sky. As nightfall descends the soft suffusion of colours blend into pitch black darkness.

(My photos left to right capture different perspectives of autumn from my home)

The next morning heralds another day. Peeping through the front window blinds, I am drawn by a new perspective. I raise the blinds to behold a glorious golden spectacle of Nature. Life is good and I’ll soon be out and about again.

November, 2020

‘Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness’

But on Bonfire Night, November 5th – here in England – I thought a spark in the dark or rather a sparkler in the darkness was fitting. We probably needed a bit of sparkle on Day 1 Lockdown 2.

Bonfire night Lockdown 2
(Photos taken Day 1 Lockdown 2 up North here in England)

November is coming to a close now and the end of Lockdown 2 in England (UK) is in sight. Restrictions will continue but will be eased in some respects; these are still uncertain times. December will be a different phase and there already is a sense of optimism with recent scientific and medical developments. Nevertheless, many people are suffering emotionally and in different ways that may not be immediately obvious. The last month of 2020 will be a time for reflection on how we have felt and what we have learned. Autumn will pass and winter approaches.

We are here, we are in this together and we go forward together.
Here’s to keeping things in perspective, staying positive and seeing the light ahead.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 30/11/20