‘Summer, Romance, and Roses’ and a message of positivity and hope.

With the wedding season in full flow, here is a celebration of summer, romance, and roses. To positivity and hope for the future. To newlyweds and those about to wed. To wedding bliss – sealed with a gentle kiss.

A short poem I have just written…
To romance and roses,
Fresh as dew drops
Bouquets and posies.
Even forever
And ever-
Enduring Ruby Wedding roses.
To a sense of serenity.
Pinned to a collar
An emblem to follow
Or simply a single rose
For the one you chose.
To the calm and ambling
Or the wild and rambling.
Times of gushiness.
Full of feelings,
Flowery finesse.
With summer, roses, and love – in the air.
We share our hopes and how we care.
For no matter how life goes.
We can have hope,
And love.
As lovely as a summer rose.

©Julie Charlesworth, 2022

Ruby Wedding rose
The Ruby Wedding roses are back in bloom again this year, and this is a photo I took just a few weeks ago.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 7/7/22


[Note: This time last year – I wrote another poem with sentiments of relevance today, as well.]