There is a buzz on the airwaves.

There is a buzz on the airwaves and so it seems life is bustling again out and about. And day and night.

I took these photos from a favourite place of mine in Nice to illustrate my point.

To global, international, and local outlooks.
A few days later it feels good to be back home again, come rain 🌧 or shine ⛅️, up North in the UK. The glorious autumnal colours will be here soon. Today, I take a deep intake of breath to enjoy the petrichor, the earthy smell of the rain and to keep life in perspective.

[Petrichor ‘The word comes from the Greek words ‘petra’, meaning stone, and ‘ichor’, which in Greek mythology refers to the golden fluid that flows in the veins of the immortals’]

We proceed from September surprises and hopefully to some autumnal delights.
Stay strong. Take care.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 30/9/21