Thinking time for Earthlings as we look ahead.

Are you looking forward to more time in the open air? It seems that lockdown is being relaxed in some places and we can prepare for some easing of restrictions. Perhaps these strange times have allowed us time-out for some reflection so that we can look forward with a clear head and think about how we ‘could do better’ for our wonderful world. I have written a poem to capture that feeling.

Looking ahead


Naughty Earthlings 🌍 🌎
You’ve really done it now.
To your rooms.

You’re grounded!

So, I’m sitting on the naughty step
Wondering what I’ve done.
Take time to have a think,
I think.

People rushing round too reckless,
Feckless and heedless.
Perhaps we all just need less.
Hmm 🤔

Waste in haste
And you’ll get your just deserts.
You can’t have a pudding
‘til you’ve finished your dinner.
Not everyone’s a winner.
Life isn’t always fair.
Don’t take all the sweeties.
You’ve got to share!

Be kind to other people.
Be mindful of what’s right.

We’re sitting on the naughty steps
Wondering what we’ve done.
Take time to have a think, me thinks
Me, you and everyone

©Julie Charlesworth, 2020

A little poem written by me in ‘lockdown’

Take care and stay safe.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 11/5/20

Photos taken by me – from the garden.