To endurance (and enduring love birds).

To Endurance: ‘the capacity of something to last or to withstand wear and tear.’ Recently we are seeing great examples of people in the news including a high-profile broadcaster and biologist, and a singer- songwriter for whom I have respect. Of course, I am sure we also know many unsung heroes in various professions and more generally. ‘Hats off’, ‘high fives’, and respect to them too!

On a lighter note, thinking about enduring love, and getting a bit ‘lovey dovey’. This photo is of another couple of visitors to my garden this week. Looks like love is not only in the air but also at home and grounded.

“Wood pigeons are the touchy-feely type. Some pairs mate for life but re-enforce their bond by taking it in turns to preen and canoodle with each other, not caring one jot for us embarrassed onlookers.” RSPB.

Take care.

(Puns intended – 😉)

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 24/6/22