Women Pioneering Global Harmony.

This conference was convened by GCF-WIN, hosted by CSPOC at the United Nations Office in Geneva 11th May 2023.

I felt privileged to receive a personal invitation to be a participant. I learned a great deal from listening to the presentations and discussions. It was an excellent thought-provoking and inspiring event!

I am humbled to have heard the stories and thoughts shared by the many impressive and passionate speakers including women of a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

For me this experience also sits well with my mantra of looking beyond to understand better that which is in front of you.

Thanks again for this opportunity and to all those involved in making this happen. I think this will be an impetus for action and ‘make a difference’.

A time for change? It feels like the impetus is building…

There are truly good people out there doing great things for the right reasons.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 11/05/23


[GCF (Global Citizen Forum) ‘Beyond Gender, Religion and Nationality’
WIN inspiring women worldwide (Women’s International Networking) https://www.winconference.net/
CSPOC a United Nations accredited, not-for-profit NGO.’Fostering self-sustaining solutions by integrating Health, Education, and Enterprise, celebrating Diversity & Inclusion’]