World Cancer Day 2022

Cancer Research and Communications.

On World Cancer Day – I am looking forward to progress in the field! I have been reflecting from my PhD and post doc days of carcinogenesis and DNA repair research, then to clinical research, drug development, and medical affairs and communication. Cancer research is a fascinating area encompassing basic science and important work in cancer prevention, detection, treatment, and drug development to meet medical needs. There are some fascinating and very worthwhile career opportunities for those starting out and more seasoned researchers.

Like other research areas the challenges of the covid pandemic have impacted on cancer research including funding, and events.

Just now remembering a 2019 pre-covid in-person event in honour of World Cancer Day.

Finally, a ‘high five’ to workers in cancer research globally for their tireless efforts to continue important work in difficult times.

by Dr Julie Charlesworth 4/02/22